The Aligner Sleep Appliance®(ASA) is exclusively available through SleepArchiTx.

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The ASA, combined with clear aligners, enables doctors to simultaneously straighten teeth, fix bite and occlusion problems, and solve patients’ sleep disorders.

FDA-cleared and patented


Up to 8 mm of mandibular advancement, repositioning the lower jaw to create maximum reduction of soft tissue obstructions in the oropharynx


The only commercially available sleep appliance that can seamlessly fit over existing clear aligners at any stage of treatment


Customized to fit each patient case type: Class I, Class II and Class III

• Easily adjustable screws for bilateral retrofitting

• FDA-cleared and patented

• Up to 8mm of mandibular


• Comfortably fits over clear aligner at any stage of treatment

BEFORE Treatment with

Aligner Sleep Appliance

Patient shows compromised airway without treatment

AFTER Treatment with

Aligner Sleep Appliance

Patient’s airway improved significantly while wearing Aligner Sleep Appliance

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