Provides a Total



Treating Patients That

Suffer From Sleep Apnea

is becoming the hottest topic in dentistry. Delivering care to

patients who suffer from sleep-related disorders can be one

of the most rewarding experiences you and your team will enjoy.

A successful dental sleep practice requires expertise from multiple

disciplines including sleep medicine, diagnostics, orthodontics,

general dentistry, dental labs and medical billing.

Most Dental

Sleep Solutions Are

Piece-Meal Models

that, unfortunately, end up confusing you, your staff,

and most importantly, your patients. Also, some vendors,

with no clinical experience, are interested only in selling

you their products with no continuing support.

With SleepArchiTx, get the expertise of board-certified sleep

physicians, experienced sleep diagnosticians and treatment

planners, orthodontists, general practitioners, a portfolio of

innovative sleep appliances and extensive billing services - all in

one turnkey solution. You focus on your expertise:

successful patient outcomes.



Let’s face it. Practice staff and practitioners need more than just a weekend course or a few free CE courses to properly treat patients. We have the solutions.



Patients are unique and so are the various sleep appliances necessary to yield the best outcomes. Learn about our exclusive portfolio of premium appliances.


Medical billing for sleep dentistry services can be challenging without the proper focus and resources. SleepArchiTx’s turnkey billing solution lets you focus on your patients.


Proper patient diagnosis is of utmost importance. Work with board-certified sleep physicians and our resident experts to ensure that your patients are diagnosed appropriately.


Full-time SleepArchiTx Account Representatives support you and your team, even when your patient is chairside. Our team is only one phone call away!

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